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Cash4Trash is dedicated to revolutionising recycling practices across Africa, empowering communities while preserving our planet. Their innovative approach introduces the concept of green currency, incentivising individuals to participate in environmental conservation efforts.

After downloading the Cash4Trash SA app (for iOS and Android) and going through the recycling process, users can easily redeem digital rewards earned from plastic, aluminium, or glass bottle recycling using our RVM machines.

Once redeemed, users have the flexibility to share their rewards with friends or family or utilise them at popular retailers like Checkers, Game, Makro, Vodacom, MTN, Pick n Pay, and many others.

Cash4Trash isn't just about rewarding recycling; it's about fostering tangible change. By incentivising the proper disposal of beverage containers and mitigating the harmful impact of plastic, aluminium, and glass on our ecosystems.

Client Cash4Trash
Duration 5 Months

Services UX/UI App Development
Client Cash4Trash

Duration 5 Months


App Development

Design Direction: Mood Board


Our dynamic collaboration with Cash4Trash exemplifies our unwavering dedication to pioneering digital solutions. We embark on our journey by delving deep into Cash4Trash's unique brand identity, igniting inspiration for our creative process. Our adventure commences with the vibrant creation of a mood board, a kaleidoscope of ideas and visions. This visual masterpiece serves as our compass, steering us through the design landscape as we craft bespoke solutions tailored to elevate Cash4Trash's impact.

What We Did

Through thorough consultations and focused inquiries, we discover Wibernet's design preferences, from app interfaces to colour choices. This collaborative effort results in a custom design that reflects Wibernet's brand and goals. Experience the transformation of ideas into digital landscapes tailored to drive Wibernet's success.

Style Guide

Design Elements

We unearth Cash4Trash's design preferences, ranging from app interfaces to colour palettes. This collaborative journey results in a tailored design that perfectly reflects Cash4Trash's brand essence and goals. Experience the evolution of ideas into meticulously crafted digital landscapes, driving Cash4Trash towards success.



User Experience (UX)

In our endeavour to elevate Cash4Trash's user experience (UX), we embarked on the development of a mobile app aimed at streamlining recycling processes and introducing innovative features.

This app not only simplifies the recycling process but also integrates functionalities such as tracking recycling progress and earning rewards.

Our journey commenced with a meticulous approach, beginning with the creation of wireframes. These wireframes served as the foundation for crafting an intuitive interface that prioritises seamless navigation and effortless functionality.

By focusing on essential features and adhering to user-friendly design principles, we ensure that the Cash4Trash app provides a smooth and rewarding experience for every user.

User Interface (UI)

In shaping Cash4Trash's style and design, we embarked on a journey to visually embody their mission of revolutionising recycling practices and fostering environmental stewardship across Africa.

Drawing inspiration from their dedication to empowering communities and preserving our planet, we infused the app's design with vibrant colours and dynamic visuals that evoke a sense of energy and positivity.

Our approach was to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface that seamlessly guides users through the recycling process, from earning digital rewards to redeeming them at popular retailers. We focused on clarity and simplicity, ensuring that every interaction with the app feels effortless and rewarding.

By carefully crafting the visual elements and user experience, we aimed to not only reflect Cash4Trash's innovative approach but also to inspire users to join in their mission of creating tangible change.

Our Challenge

Developing a seamless communication system between the Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) and our digital platform

The primary challenge we faced in our partnership with Cash4Trash was developing a seamless communication system between the Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) and our digital platform. The objective was to enable real-time data transmission when users deposit recyclable materials into the RVMs.

This was crucial for updating user profiles accurately and promptly on the Cash4Trash app, ensuring that rewards were allocated immediately after deposits. Establishing this connection posed significant technical hurdles, as it required integrating with a diverse array of existing technologies while maintaining high reliability and speed in data handling.

Our Solution

We implemented a robust solution through the integration of webhooks with the RVM's systems

To address this challenge, we implemented a robust solution through the integration of webhooks with the RVM's systems. This approach allowed us to establish a listener on our servers that waits for signals—specifically deposit events—from the RVMs whenever a user recycles materials. Upon receiving these signals, our system promptly updates the user's profile on the Cash4Trash app, crediting them with the appropriate rewards for their environmental contribution.

This not only streamlined the process of reward allocation but also enhanced user satisfaction by providing immediate feedback and rewards for their recycling efforts, reinforcing the app’s role in promoting sustainable practices.

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