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Our esteemed client, Wibernet, stands as a premier wireless service provider, revolutionising connectivity for all with its unparalleled blend of pure wireless and fibre internet solutions.

Founded in 2015 by a collective of dedicated network engineers, Wibernet embarked on a mission to craft one of the world's most resilient and adaptable networks. 

CubeZoo proudly partnered with Wibernet to develop their mobile app platform, a testament to their commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions. The platform boasts essential features such as a comprehensive coverage map, streamlined sign-up process for fibre services, and convenient package upgrades. Notably, it incorporates a clever auditing feature, allowing users to monitor and regulate access to specific sites, further enhancing their internet experience. 

Wibernet's relentless pursuit of perfection has cemented their reputation as industry trailblazers, consistently pushing boundaries and introducing groundbreaking solutions to South Africa's digital landscape. It's an honour for CubeZoo to contribute to this remarkable journey, working hand in hand to elevate connectivity standards and redefine the digital experience for all.

Client Wibernet
Duration 10 Months

Services Functional spec Prototype Design Development
Client Wibernet

Duration 10 Months


Functional spec

Design Direction: Mood Board


Our collaboration with Wibernet showcases our dedication to creating outstanding digital solutions. It all starts with a thorough exploration of Wibernet's brand identity. Our initial phase involves crafting a mood board, which serves as visual roadmap guiding our design process.

What We Did

Through thorough consultations and focused inquiries, we discover Wibernet's design preferences, from app interfaces to colour choices. This collaborative effort results in a custom design that reflects Wibernet's brand and goals. Experience the transformation of ideas into digital landscapes tailored to drive Wibernet's success.

Style Guide

Design Elements

A digital style guide ensures consistency across digital platforms by outlining design elements like typography, colours, and layouts. This consistency boosts brand recognition, improves user experience, and simplifies design processes, making it a crucial investment for Wibernet’s digital presence.



User Experience (UX)

In our quest to enhance Wibernet's user experience (UX), we set out to develop a mobile app that not only simplifies signing up for fibre connectivity and upgrading packages but also incorporates innovative parenting features.

These features empower users to control internet access by blocking specific sites or setting screen time limits.

Our journey began with a meticulous process, starting with the creation of wireframes. These wireframes served as the blueprint for crafting a user-friendly interface that prioritises ease of navigation and intuitive functionality.

By focusing on core features and implementing user-friendly design principles, we ensure that the Wibernet app delivers a seamless and satisfying experience for every user.

User Interface (UI)

In the dynamic landscape of UI design, our partnership with Wibernet sparked an exciting journey aimed at seamlessly integrating aesthetics and functionality within their mobile app.

Taking cues from apps radiating a cheerful, feel-good vibe, we set out to sculpt the design ethos of Wibernet.

This unique blend of creativity and practicality not only enhances the app's visual appeal but also fosters a deeper connection with users, drawing them in with engaging designs and captivating interactions.

Experience the magic of Wibernet's mobile app design – where every tap is a delightful adventure!

Our Challenge

Integrating Splynx for seamless Wibernet account access

In developing Wibernet, we faced the significant challenge of integrating the app with Splynx, a system Wibernet uses to manage customer connections and internet packages. Splynx is primarily designed for direct administrative access rather than mobile app integration, which posed a unique challenge for us.

Our goal was to create a seamless user experience where customers could view their account details, upgrade packages, and access technical support directly through the Wibernet app. The critical task was to ensure that existing customers could link their Splynx managed services with the new mobile app without compromising on functionality or user experience.

Our Solution

Creating a gateway for seamless Wibernet-Splynx integration

Our solution involved creating a sophisticated wrapper that serves as a gateway between the Wibernet mobile app and the Splynx system. This gateway was designed to synchronise account details and provide a unified login experience across both platforms. When users authenticate, the wrapper links the user on our system with their corresponding Splynx account, ensuring they behave as a single, cohesive unit.

This integration not only enhanced the functionality of the app, allowing users to interact more effectively with Wibernet’s products and services, but also greatly improved the overall user experience by simplifying access to essential features and support within the app.

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