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We had the privilege of collaborating with SignalXpress, a dynamic force in the beverage industry, since their establishment in 2012. With a steadfast commitment to crafting, producing, and delivering the most innovative beer and alcoholic beverage brands, SignalXpress has emerged as a leader in the field.

Driven by a passion for excellence, SignalXpress sought to revolutionise their sales process by empowering their resellers with cutting-edge digital tools. That's where we stepped in. We're proud to have developed a bespoke app for SignalXpress, tailored to streamline the sales experience for their resellers.

This innovative solution equips resellers with the tools they need to effectively showcase and sell SignalXpress's products, ensuring seamless transactions and unparalleled customer experiences.

From their roots in South Africa to their global reach, SignalXpress epitomises the bold flavors, refreshing indulgence, and unparalleled creativity that define the beverage industry.

Client Signal Hill Products
Duration 8 Months

Services Functional spec Design Development
Client Signal Hill Products

Duration 8 Months


Functional spec

Design Direction: Mood Board


Our partnership with SignalXpress exemplifies our commitment to crafting exceptional digital solutions. Our process begins with a comprehensive exploration of SignalXpress's brand identity. Our first step is to curate a mood board—a visual roadmap that guides our design journey.

What We Did

Through in-depth consultations and tailored questioning, we uncover SignalXpress's design preferences, from their preferred app interfaces to their envisioned color schemes. This collaborative endeavor culminates in a bespoke design direction, meticulously crafted to align with SignalXpress's brand essence and vision. Witness how we transform concepts into captivating digital realities, tailored specifically for SignalXpress's success.

Style Guide

Design Elements

A digital style guide is a vital tool for maintaining consistency across digital platforms. It outlines design elements like typography, colors, and layouts, ensuring all digital assets align with the brand's identity. This consistency strengthens brand recognition, enhances user experience, and streamlines design processes, making it an essential investment for any digital presence.



User Experience (UX)

For SignalXpress, we embarked on a journey to design a mobile app that not only showcases their extensive range of brands but also empowers their sales representatives to excel.

Our meticulous process involved creating wireframes that laid the foundation for a seamless user experience (UX).

These wireframes serve as the blueprint, outlining the structure and functionality of the app, ensuring optimal usability and efficiency.

By strategically mapping out each screen and interaction, we've crafted an intuitive platform that enhances the sales process and elevates SignalXpress's brand presence. Experience the power of purpose-driven design with our bespoke mobile app solutions

User Interface (UI)

During the UI phase of our collaboration with SignaXpress, we embarked on a journey to infuse their mobile app with a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant world of e-commerce and the allure of premium alcohol brands, we meticulously crafted stunning user interfaces that captivate and engage.

Our designs strike the delicate balance between fresh, contemporary visuals and the intuitive functionality essential for an effective sales platform.

With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, we've brought to life a user experience that seamlessly blends the excitement of browsing with the ease of making purchases.

Explore our visually arresting designs and discover how we've transformed SignalXpress's vision into an immersive digital storefront that leaves a lasting impression

Our Challenge

Syncing with client's ERP and dynamic pricing for SignalXpress

In developing SignalXpress, we faced two main technical challenges: synchronising with the client's ERP system and implementing a dynamic pricing model.

The ERP system is central to our client's operations, integrating production, distribution, and sales. It was crucial for SignalXpress to sync with this system to avoid data discrepancies. We crafted a data synchroniser that periodically checks and updates product and customer information from the ERP to our platform, ensuring consistency.

The second challenge involved the client's unique pricing structure, where each customer might have different prices for the same product. To tackle this, we developed a rule-based algorithm. This algorithm analyses the various prices per product, determining the appropriate price to display to each customer based on negotiated deals and historical data. This solution allowed for accurate, personalised pricing in the app.

Our Solution

Data synchroniser and a Rule-based pricing algorithm

Our strategy involved implementing a data synchroniser and a rule-based pricing algorithm, pivotal for overcoming technical hurdles in the SignalXpress project. These solutions ensured seamless integration with the client's ERP system, maintained data consistency, and facilitated dynamic pricing for personalised customer experiences.

These innovations reflect our commitment to addressing complex technical challenges with effective solutions, enhancing the platform's efficiency and user-friendliness.

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