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Most cigarette smokers want to quit, but fewer than one in ten smokers succeed in quitting without the right support mechanisms in place. At CubeZoo, we believe in leveraging technology to create meaningful solutions that drive positive change. Our partnership with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals exemplified this ethos, particularly in our collaboration to support South African smokers in their journey to quit.

The app, called MyTimeToStart, educated smokers about the realities of smoking and used clever methods to engage their emotions to trigger them to quit. Ranging from money and fitness, to beauty and self-worth, the app emphasised the negative effects of smoking and the benefits of giving up the habit.

Client Pfizer pharmaceuticals
Duration 4 Months

Services UX/UI Development
Client Pfizer pharmaceuticals

Duration 4 Months



Design Direction: Mood Board


Crafting the visual identity for MyTimeToStart, we embarked on a journey of meticulous curation, assembling a vibrant mosaic of colours, typography, imagery, and design elements. Every choice was inspired with the essence of the app's mission: to empower and ignite positive change in the lives of smokers.

What We Did

In the journey to conceptualise MyTimeToStart, we embarked on immersive consultations, delving deep into the essence of wellness. Our exploration led us to a profound understanding of wellness aesthetics, guiding us to curate a palette of vibrant hues pulsating with vitality. Paired with tranquil illustrations, these colours evoke a serene ambiance, inviting users to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

We selected refined typography to elevate the user experience, ensuring clarity and sophistication throughout the MyTimeToStart app. This harmonious fusion of creativity and precision transcends mere aesthetics; it embodies a visual narrative that resonates with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals's vision for holistic well-being and personal growth.

Every element of MyTimeToStart was thoughtfully chosen to forge a profound connection with users, empowering them on their journey towards a smoke-free life.

Style Guide

Design Elements

In our commitment to ensuring consistency throughout the MyTimeToStart app, we crafted a digital guide detailing essential design elements. This strategic initiative not only enhanced the user experience but also streamlined the process of quitting smoking, making every interaction with MyTimeToStart smoother and more conducive to achieving a smoke-free life.


User Experience (UX)

In our quest to elevate the user experience of MyTimeToStart, we set out to develop a mobile app that not only simplifies the process of quitting smoking but also integrates innovative tools crafted for personal growth.

These tools empowered users to set goals, track progress, and access tailored content and resources to support their journey towards a smoke-free life.

Our journey commenced with a meticulous approach, beginning with the creation of wireframes. These wireframes served as the foundation for designing an interface prioritising seamless navigation and effortless functionality.

By focusing on essential features we ensured that the MyTimeToStart app delivered a cohesive and enriching experience customised to each individual's unique path towards quitting smoking.

User Interface (UI)

In perfecting MyTimeToStart's user interface, our mission was to seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality.

Drawing inspiration from leading wellness apps, we embraced a clean white backdrop complemented by dynamic bursts of vibrant icons, infusing the platform with energy and allure.

Prioritising simplicity and a warm atmosphere, we invited users into a world of captivating designs and interactive elements, guaranteeing that every interaction with MyTimeToStart was both rewarding and supportive.

Our Challenge

Native to IOS and Android, so everything the team achieved on one platform had to be implemented on the other

CubeZoo and Pfizer wanted to stress the benefits of quitting through measurable examples for each individual, using their interactions with the app to inform them of the health and financial implications. This was far more of a challenge in 2013 when the app was developed than it would be today.

Back then, health monitoring apps and gadgets like Fitbits didn’t exist, and there were far fewer resources for the CubZoo development team to make use of. This meant the CubeZoo team had to engineer new technology to achieve a number of the app features.

The app was native to IOS and Android, so everything the team achieved on one platform had to be implemented on the other. A hybrid solution was an option, but it wasn't as mainstream back then as it is today, so we decided to develop the app natively.

Our Solution

Using the camera on the back of the phone, the team created a blood pressure monitor

The team found smart ways to utilise the smartphone hardware to achieve the results they were looking for. For example, using the camera on the back of the phone, the team created a blood pressure monitor. By placing their index finger over the camera, the user was able to get a blood pressure reading as the light from the camera illuminated the blood vessels in the fingertip, with the camera capturing changes in intensity as the blood flowed through the vessels with each heartbeat.

Despite the challenges, this ambitious project was an immense success, with many users sharing the app with friends and family.

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