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In the vibrant landscape of South African sports clubs, a pressing need emerged for expert guidance and support in club management. Many clubs lacked the necessary knowledge and resources to navigate the complexities of administration, funding, and visibility. This knowledge gap often hindered their growth and ability to attract attention from both enthusiasts and potential sponsors.

Enter ClubSmart – a pioneering initiative aimed at revolutionising the way sporting clubs operate and thrive. Recognising the challenges faced by these clubs, ClubSmart set out on a mission to empower them with the tools and guidance needed for success.

Client ClubSmart
Duration 8 Months

Services UX/UI Prototype Design Development
Client ClubSmart

Duration 8 Months



Design Direction: Mood Board


In collaboration with ClubSmart, we crafted a bespoke mood board that reflects the essence of their mission and values. Drawing inspiration from the dynamic world of sports, our mood board incorporates bold colours, striking imagery, and modern typography to evoke a sense of energy and vitality. By meticulously curating each element, we aimed to capture the spirit of ClubSmart and communicate its commitment to empowering sporting clubs across South Africa.

What We Did

Through this visual representation, CubeZoo strives to inspire creativity, foster unity, and elevate the brand presence of ClubSmart within the sporting community. Together, we embark on a journey of innovation and excellence, driven by the power of design to make a lasting impact.

Style Guide

Design Elements

We understand that consistency is key to building a strong and recognisable brand identity. To further enhance ClubSmart's brand presence and ensure cohesive communication across all channels, we developed a comprehensive style guide. This meticulously crafted guide serves as a blueprint for maintaining visual and tonal consistency, outlining guidelines for logo usage, colour palettes, typography, imagery, and brand voice.

By providing clear and concise instructions, the style guide empowers ClubSmart to effectively communicate its message while reinforcing its brand identity within the sporting community. With every design element carefully curated to reflect ClubSmart's ethos of empowerment and innovation.



User Experience (UX)

In collaboration with ClubSmart, we embarked on a journey to design a user-centric platform that would streamline the club management process and empower sporting clubs across South Africa.

Leveraging our expertise in UX design, we conducted extensive research to understand the unique needs and pain points of club administrators.

With this insight, we crafted an intuitive interface that simplifies tasks such as club documentation submission, affiliation verification, and certificate issuance.

User Interface (UI)

We embarked on a mission to design a visually captivating and user-friendly website that would serve as a hub of information and resources for sporting clubs.

Drawing on our expertise in UI design, we crafted a sleek and modern interface that seamlessly integrates ClubSmart's branding elements while prioritising functionality and ease of navigation. Our team meticulously designed each page layout, ensuring a consistent and intuitive user experience across desktop and mobile devices.

From the homepage to the membership application process, every interaction was thoughtfully considered to enhance usability and drive engagement.

Through our collaborative efforts with ClubSmart, we've created a website that not only showcases the organisation's mission and values but also provides a seamless online experience for sporting clubs and enthusiasts alike.

Our Challenge

Develop a foundational technology infrastructure that would not only support ClubSmart but also future applications across various domains

For ClubSmart, the challenge was to develop a foundational technology infrastructure that would not only support ClubSmart but also future applications across various domains within the organisation.

The client envisioned a suite of applications aimed at modernising their product offerings, each requiring similar functionalities such as user management, data analytics, and seamless integration capabilities. This necessitated a scalable and robust backend architecture that could accommodate growing demands and facilitate the reuse of core services across multiple applications without redundancy.

Our Solution

By decoupling services into microservices, we ensured that each function could be developed, maintained, and scaled independently, enhancing overall system

To address these requirements, we designed and implemented an API gateway as the cornerstone of our solution. This gateway acts as a conduit to various microservices, each responsible for handling distinct aspects of the system such as user authentication, data processing, and service orchestration.

By decoupling services into microservices, we ensured that each function could be developed, maintained, and scaled independently, enhancing overall system resilience and flexibility.

This architecture not only supports the scalability needs of ClubSmart but also allows future applications to seamlessly integrate with the existing backend, sharing core functionalities and enabling a consistent and efficient expansion of the client’s digital ecosystem.

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