User Experience Design (UX)

User Experience Design (UX)

User Experience (UX) design is a multidisciplinary approach focused on creating products, services, or digital experiences that are user-centred and highly satisfactory. It involves understanding and addressing the needs, preferences, and behaviours of users to optimise their interactions with a product or service.

At CubeZoo we use various techniques, such as user research, persona development, user journey mapping, wireframing, and prototyping, to empathise with users and gain insights into their expectations.

Design Process

5 Steps to the Perfect Project

The designer collects psychological information and behavioural data from the target audience, creating imaginary users to model interactions and potential issues with the product.

Ideation is one of the steps in the full UX design process where designers generate ideas. At this stage the team defines the problem and sets the right challenge for the pitch proposal defining the long term goal and sprint questions, the standout features, exploring concepts and wireframing.
This is a great way to move from abstract ideas to something concrete that everyone can evaluate. This is a point where we help your team to brainstorm and come up with different solutions to the identified business problems, where all the individual members of the team contribute. This results in innovative ideas.

After user experience wireframing and presenting these ideas, a decision is made to filter them down and choose the best one. At the end of this phase, the team comes to a conclusion about what they want to build for their prototype.

CubeZoo then proceeds to construct tangible prototypes that undergo rigorous testing with real users. Unlike conventional product development approaches, where prototypes serve as final iterations, our prototyping process is iterative and experimental in nature. Prototypes serve as vehicles for hypothesis testing, allowing us to validate assumptions and refine design concepts through direct user feedback.

We present or share the interactive prototype with our clients and observe their reactions. Patterns from users are noted to find parts that work successfully and parts that didn’t work as well as expected. This is a point where various issues in the design can be improved.

User-Interface Design (UI)

CubeZoo's User-Friendly Interface Formulas

UI design is the creation of visually appealing and interactive interfaces for digital products. At CubeZoo, our goal is to make interfaces aesthetically pleasing, intuitive, and easy to navigate. We consider elements like color schemes, typography, and visual hierarchy to enhance the user experience.

Our focus is on creating a visually engaging and user-friendly interface that attracts and retains users, contributing to the overall success of the digital product or application.

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