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CubeZoo Hailed by The Manifest as South Africa’s Top Recommended B2B Leader for 2022


For 11 years, CubeZoo has been helping businesses build their unique tech ideas around human needs. Throughout the years, we’ve had our fair share of highs and lows just like anyone. Our motivation for why we keep going through challenges and uncertainties is our passion to serve our clients. Their success and support allow us to go forward and beyond every single. They are also the reason why we are celebrating a truly fantastic milestone.

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It’s a pleasure for us to share and cherish this moment with all of you. Just recently, CubeZoo was highlighted by The Manifest’s inaugural company awards as one of the best recommended companies! Our team was spotlighted as South Africa’s most reviewed design, app development, and web development leader this 2022!

When we started this rollercoaster of a journey, we knew we wanted our creativity and expertise to speak for ourselves. Led by our founder, Nick Carapanagos, our team has grown to become the family it is today. Every single step of the way, we kept true to ourselves, values, and clients.

The satisfaction and success achieved by our clients are tantamount to our own wins as their trusted partners. It’s a great honor for us to work with companies like Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Telkom, Vodacom, Sureswipe, and BMW. The positive reviews they’ve given about our projects helped us unlock opportunities like this.

CubeZoo works with international clients on a project or ongoing basis. Our clients range from funded start-ups, SMEs and enterprises. 

Moreover, The Manifest is a business news platform designed to publish how-to guides, market reports, and agency shortlists. Their first-ever recognition takes a moment to feature the outstanding B2B leaders that earned stellar reviews and testimonials over the past year.

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Knowing that we’ve earned this award because of our clients’ trust makes it even sweeter. CubeZoo will not be the same without their gracious appreciation. Thank you so much to everyone who put their priceless trust in us! We look forward to discovering more possibilities with you this 2022.

Have an idea? Why not bounce it off us. CubeZoo is excited to start a project with you! Don’t hesitate to drop us a line and let’s build something amazing together. 

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